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Korea Academy For Educators

11 Sep Korea Academy For Educators

A few months ago we had the privilege to sponsor our hanboks for the KAFE event held by Helie Lee, Korean American writer of renowned book Still Life With Rice. This book chronicles the journey of her grandmother’s exodus from North to South Korea during the Korean Civil War- a.k.a. The Forgotten War. The event was held in Brentwood, CA and was predominately for teachers to learn about Korean culture and history. The guests enjoyed food, dancing, entertainment, and the hanbok try-on exhibition. We are proud to carry our heritage through our dresses and garments and hope that the beauty and legacy of Korean Culture will be passed on even in the United States.


Kim MeHee with Helie Lee, the author of the bestseller ‘Still Life With Rice‘ and KAFE director

For more information about KAFE and the work Helie Lee is doing please visit: KOREA ACADEMY