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Korean Dress Couture Style Demo


HAT (jeon-mo)
HAIRPIN (dei-ggo-ji) one of the additives in the head
HANGING TASSEL (nor-i-gea)
HAIRSTICK (bi-nyeo) a wide variety of decorative hairstick
RING (ga-rak-ji) a twinned pair of rings


Celebrities Designed by Kim Mehee

Miss Asia USA 2014

Eriko Lee Katayama Wins Miss Asia USA 2014 plus 4 Special Awards at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center.  It was a pleasure to dress 2014 Miss Asia USA Eriko Lee Katayama, half Japanese and half Korean. Currently studying for LSAT to go to law school.  She was born in Seoul, Korea (South, please) and lived in Korea, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and finally moved and settled in beautiful Los Angeles in 2006.


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